According to a recent report, the phone remains the favorite interaction channel for more than 92% of the customers. To meet the customer expectations and build sound relationships, organizations globally are adopting new age strategies for marketing, collaboration and expansion needs.
Despite the significant increase in service offering over the web, customers choose telephone, especially when they wish to fetch urgent information based on their unique needs, or when they wish to express their concerns and submit a request to a company. So typically, for growing companies, IVR systems play a critical role in order to address high call volumes, improve customer satisfaction and reduce support center load and cost.
ANAYA’s voice applications are the perfect answer to any companies’ marketing needs. ANAYA’s suite of voice services has been built by seasoned professionals who understand that businesses and emerging enterprises need capabilities to empower customers instantly without incurring extravagant capital expenditure.

How is voice experience different?

  • Multilingual and hence can deliver good experience
  • Unlike SMS, Voice call reception can be tracked
  • Is not limited by number of characters ( like 160 in SMS)
  • Can reach out to landline phones ( Unlike SMS )

ANAYA’s White-Label Solutions can help you.

  • Automate your Processes
  • Promote launch of new Event or Promotion
  • Create Brand Loyalty
  • Build a database of Mobile Customers
  • Drive consumers to Purchase
  • Extend marketing and communication programs to mobile for More Reach
  • Increase Engagement with Personalized Messages
  • Greater ROI/responsiveness than email/sms