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AnayaWorld has started it’s Mobile Application Development Division in December 2014 with few experts in Android and iOS and soon we will start developing mobile applications in Blackberry and Windows too. We are on verge to launch our two own home build apps next month on Android platform first.

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In 2007 Apple IOS Platform changed the technology in different ways. Websites needed to be presented differently because the Smartphones becoming a feasible computing platform and it is reason of opening responsive design initiative.


The clean and intuitive interface standards of Apple impacted a lot the software design and even shifted the role of software’s in our life; always available, effective applications and serving narrow, all of these features become part of our routine life.

Android (Linux Based OS) distributed by Google and designed firstly for mobile devices and touchscreens. Most of the Smartphones and tabs are running on Android and distributed under the Apache licence. Developer scan modify the android to meet the particular requirement.


Google’s freely available Android SDK modified version of Java Programming language is used to write applications of Android Smartphones. Eclipse is an Android development environment and ADT plugin provides the access to debug, testing and device emulation. Android is an “open” system and developers can write applications that provide services to other applications or process.

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AnayaWorld Responsive Designs expert company

Decade ago the computing environment was nothing like today and it’s really hard to believe that Apple introduced the first iPhone in 2007. After that the number of mobile computing devices has exploded. Users spend their days and nights to explore these devices features.


At that time Software developers were confronted a big problem and that is to develop a web application that works well both on desktop and on Smartphones and how to handle the different screen sizes coming from many hardware vendors? And what about the in-between screens which suddenly became popular because of the iPad?


Developing tools used by Web designers to produce pages that appear differently whenever a user move from one device to different device. No matter how big or small your device, the appearance of the web application on any device is perfect; Grids are fluid, images flexible, and style rules.